Our Training

At Ludlow Runners we cater for people of all abilities, from the absolute beginner to experienced racers.

Tuesday Social Runs

We either meet outside the library in town or at High Vinnalls car park in Mortimer Forest for trail running. Occasionally individual groups may meet at different locations. Please check This Week’s Sessions for confirmation of meeting places and get in contact if you have any questions.

In the winter months high-viz is compulsory for either location and chest or headtorches are required in the forest.

In either location there are different ability groups covering different distances.  No-one is left behind. Find out what runs are available this week here.

We also organise other ad hoc runs at other times (daytimes and weekends) which are communicated in a weekly email.

Thursdays 7pm - Coached Sessions

This is our main coached running evening and we have a variety of sessions on offer, from Chatty Sparkly runs, hill sessions, fartlek or speed work. Groups are organised according to the ability and experience of runners.  Come along and speak to Colin or Anne when you arrive. They will help you decide which group is for you. We meet at Car Park by the library.

This is a great place to start if you are new to running or have just started up again. The aim is to teach you the best pace to run at and when to rest and walk. By the end of the course most people are able to run for 40 minutes covering around 5km. Some people will be able to run/walk for around 4km in that time. All abilities are catered for and no one is left behind. Everyone runs at a gentle Chatty pace and it’s a great way to meet new friends.

We hold three courses each year, starting in January, April and September. To find out more email our Walk to Run Coach Anne

Our Chatty groups are a perfect next step if you have completed the Walk to Run course or if you can already run for at least 40 minutes or 5km. The aim of these groups is to help you gradually increase the distance you can run in the session but keeping the pace aerobic, in other words Chatty. There are three groups, so you can progress through them in your own time.

Chatty 3:  5km

Chatty 2:  5-6km

Chatty 1:  7-8km


These runs are very social and there is no pressure involved. We vary sessions by adding Sparkles, which are fun ten second strides and these help to improve running technique. Many runners in these groups will take part in ParkRun or races over 5 or 10km.

Runners in these groups are more experienced and may enter a number of races and events, from 10ks to ultra marathons, either on road or off road. Groups may train for a specific event, or to improve general technique and running fitness. Training is at a faster pace but, as with the chatty groups, everyone is supported and no one is left behind. Sessions are different each week and may involve aerobic paces, hill work, fartlek, intervals, speed work or technique work. We have three ability groups in this section covering approximately the following distances in the hour.


Event 3:   7-8km

Event 2:   8-9km

Event 1:   9-10km


As a club we invest in coach education. Our lead coach Colin Lancaster is an experienced UK Athletics coach educator. Our leaders are either qualified with UK Athletics or trained by Colin under the Association of Running Clubs insurance scheme. Our success is based upon using the Lydiard Foundation principles which involve slowly building a foundation of fitness through gentle chatty running before progressing to running at other speeds.

It’s not how fast you train but the volume of gentle running you do that leads to the greatest improvement in fitness.   

If you’re interested in joining us, or have any questions just get in touch.