Yes running really is enjoyable! Not only that, with our Chatty groups, running is easy and you will feel energised rather than exhasted at the end of a session.

Running does not need to be hard work and in fact too much hard work is counterproductive. All you need to do is enough work to increase your fitness. If you are just starting out, gentle excercise that gradually increases in duration is all you need. You will be amazed by the improvement in your fitness after just six week of gentle running.

If your memories of running are being forced round the fields at school, or trying to do the Couch to 5km programme on your own, forget them. If you believe that you weren’t cut out to run, forget that too! Everyone can run and we can show you how.

Our next Walk to Run six week course starts on Thursday 25th May at 7pm.

Already running, then come along to our Chatty groups and see what it’s all about.

Contact us here for more information.