Written by Fern Cotterill

On Sunday I had the honour of supporting and capturing our cross country team at the Bearwood, 3rd race of the series, winter league event. It was a true Christmas XC with snow, frozen fog, mud, drizzle, cold sploshing fun. In fact it was, as many described, absolutely…..(caption contest.) Us media/supporting possy were wishing the runners their best race to finish as soon as possible🥶.

Ludlow won team of the day for the most joyful, full of smiles, thumbs up and cheers. It is possible I confused smiles with grimaces but I felt thoroughly inspired. Matt and Aiden were, as always, our two leading men with strong and consistent performances. Their post race interview with me did not sell the event. I’m sure their endorphins will kick in once they thaw out. Sam, our latest XC member, was third Ludlow man. He excelled his Croft performance and even remembered to wear a time tag so he will make the results sheet. Win.

Clive, Angus and mark were our three musketeers and frankly stormed around, with thumbs up, cheers and waves.

Last but not least Sophie, our only Ludlow lady, ran the race in superb spirit. She is our heroine today.

Despite not running myself, the grit and determination, the sportsmanship and support amongst the runners, spectators and marshalls made a cold and grey day warm.